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Monday, February 28, 2005

is religion a way to truth or make money

during recent times i have always asked this question myself and found no answers isnt being an non believer(atheist) the most secular person around not the most hindu bashing person as in case in india what has religion given us pain to endure,heart break at times for placing trust in some one or some thing and not getting it and than some godman who are caught in various scandals ranging from financial scams to murder to sex to terrorism(conspire against nation) ranging across the board across the religions everbody and yet people trust them why???i know answers arent easy some people might accuse me of being a loser and people will quote from various religious texts again across the board i am not trying to behave like an intellectual liberal or whatever as some hindu bashers in india call themselves (not condeming the ethnic cleansing of pandit in kashmir) i am just confused hope to post more postive things in future