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Saturday, March 12, 2005

isnt cricket a game after all

hello everbody
yesterday india could not pull off what many expert and non expert like me believed was routine victory and now very disappointed indeed all of us experts and non experts are !!! but folks tell me isnt cricket a game !! a game played between two teams having fanatic fan following around world but end of day a game which brings me to question but these absurd 24 news channel in india just sample the shows that these have cricket controversy,match ki mujrim now what does mujrim mean i think for the hindi that i know(pardon me i am engineering student not language) mujrim means criminal isnt it(sic)now is losing or rather drawing a game a crime especially in this friendship series where people are coming across border hugging each other shopping etc in that show the cricket controversy show that is the only talk is who is dalmiya man and who is anti dalmiya man now is this what to young kids we are teaching not about beauty of game its history the joy of playing the game is all missing (any interview with any great player like shane warne, waugh etc they have said the took up game for joy not money fame etc) the people of india the great one billion are also to blame here we have frog in well mentality we dont watch marat safin play roger federer in aussie open dont watch barcelona play chelsea or juve play madrid (ok i am a maniac to wake up and watch late in nite ) but now Major rathore is blacked out(remember him)yesterday he won GOLD medal at commonweath meet who is Sania or naraian for that matter now only we need to find out who the MUJRIM is? and on a more serious issue in fact lot serious issue does any one remember TSUNAMI ??could not have BCCI have said they would have donate atleast 5%of gate collection of all indo-pak matches to tsunami fund ??? and what about these channels now they have complelty forgot it first day they went and now great reporter of a 24 7 said" look here look there etc" now what ?how are those unfortunate people coping?No it Does not matter only We need to find the MUJRIM


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