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Monday, May 09, 2005

Cogeneration and biomass the way to go???

I had been to village near bangalore about 60km in ramanagaram taluk where something amazing happened or rather has been happening and hope it continues to happen after all of us are this "URBAN ENGLISH SPEAKING " going sometimes to rock concerts etc we would never know how villages work what i saw there was generation of power by biomass
Now what is biomass ??All of us are familar with lot of wastes from indust Until recently, the only place to put that trash was in landfills. Today, however, waste and its by-products are being recycled into more useful products. Some waste materials can also be used as a fuel in power plants to create electricity or other forms of energyrial waste to houseold These WASTE-TO-ENERGY power plants are defined by the type of fuel source they use: biomass, digester gas, industrial waste, landfill gas, and municipal solid waste Biomass consists of organic residues from plants and animals which are obtained primarily from harvesting and processing of agricultural and forestry crops. These are used as fuels in direct combustion power plants. The biomass is burned producing heat that is used to create steam to turn turbines to produce electricity. The steam can often be used for another process -- such as drying of vegetables or used in a factory. This is called cogeneration.
There are different types of Biomass
methane gas e.g. from landfills and sewage treatment plants
municipal mixed wastes eg. household garbage and prunings with recyclables removed.The village lighting has been done by this atleast one more village has light at night ,The man behind this Mr Shivalingaliah of KRDEL says that the biggest hurlde for the growth is Govt attitude ,He says that Govt has a mental block always comparing cost of power generation in Shivanasamudra plant which was India's first Hydro electric plant where all loans have been cleared to this type of plants where for obvious reasons the intial cost will be high about Rs/-3 or 4 per unit and of course it would be wishful thinking to suggest that India's power problems would be solved if this is implemented however atleast for domestic purposes it will do the job


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