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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Domestic Cricket

For a country that's mad almost fanatical about cricket the amount of interest or rather the lack of it is staggering indeed!!,in many other countries also domestic cricket is played in front of empty stands expect England where county championship is popular .Yet in Australia and south Africa people have sense of affinity towards their regional team province etc .Here we often complain that domestic cricket is not marketed well perhaps true but some comments like "i don't support karnataka but India"is amusing to say the least .Its almost as if you support karnataka it sure that its going against India's interest .They don't understand that if domestic cricket improves the national team will do well in long run .Coming to forthcoming season karnataka has become an also rans for quite some time now , i know after producing India's greatest test batsman anything else will be let down but such huge letdown?? . Other non traditional teams have gone on to produce india players which is very good from the indian team's perspective .Orissa had D.Mohanty and SS das who was decent while he lasted ,kerala had Tinu youhanan and now sreesanth and UP has now kaif ,raina and R P singh, and the biggest of emm all dhoni from ranchi .So karnataka has not been able to replicate its mid and late 70's success and mid 90's success.Perphaps mumbai too faces same problem after sachin tendulkar(who is a once in a lifetime,one in planet player) no one has been permanent member yet i think mumbai cricket association can pat itself for players like Wasim jaffer and romesh powar coming from very very humble bakgrounds have able to play for india (please dont tell me to go to stats guru and show that they didnt do well thats besides the point)so that shows that mumbai is always in the business end of ranji trophy unlike karnataka who have become quite useless .My fear is that cricket in karnataka is becoming an elitist game if dont believe me just see the trials for U-13, U-16 and other age groups
its like carnival atmosphere lots of cars lined up and parents being pushy trying to initiate contact with talent scouts and selectors. Poor selectors trying their best to be polite and same time be impartial .Now in such a scenario some one somewhere might fall prey .I know if non performer gets in he will be shown up in match but spare a thought for guy misses out he will bid good bye to cricket altogether and will be lost to cricket .In Mumbai with people like powar and jaffer coming through such things happening is unlikey i hope !!! To finish off the post during my interaction with cricket lovers/authorities in karnataka they have special delight that Anil kumble and Rahul dravid do well when they play arch rival pakistan since some of finest players that karnataka or indeed india has produed like EAS prasanna BS chandrashekar's career was terminated by zaheer abbas in 1978-79 and G R vishwanath by sarfaraz nazwaz "reverse swing"remember those days no match refree or close in camera in 1982-83(thank god i wasnt born in 1979 and too young to know about cricket in 1983).Hopefully guys like robin uttapa gaurav dhiman and rowland barrigton can redeem karnataka this season and hopefully ranji trophy will throw up some more stars from any corner of india for national team


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