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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

World Cup Soccer!!!

I know that the world cup soccer is still many moons away june 2006 but it was touching to see Superhuman sportsmen like Roger federer ,Ricky ponting and Brian lara all feel elated that their nations had made it to world cup soccer finals .The Real Story is about Trinidad and tobago ,i know a lot of people will say Australia finally beat Uruguay, that their region does no have direct entry always have to play tricky play off but cant beat the story of T&T.The population of trinidad and tobago is about one million yes one million (btw hope all indians know what is India's population ).They are tiny island in the carribean island now making them one of smallest nations to play in FIFA world cup .Even Brian lara amidst his record breaking feat spoke of how his child hood mate Dwight yorke who is in the twlight of his career will finally play on world' biggest stage ,on what impact his record breaking feat and football team qualifying will have on people of trinidad .I know lot of people have said that nations like Trinidad &tobago playing in world cup means that its not the best 32 teams etc some of bigger european teams like greece ,turkey have missed out blah blah etc etc.But these guys are missing the point.A world cup needs to have Global represenation but keeping quality in mind (else India too should have been there) ,Trinidad and tobago beat baharain in the play offs now these middle east countries what do they do ?? using petro dollars lure poor african players change their names (remember the middle distance runner Stepahno now his name is saif and runs for qatar), why people dont talk about them?? is it fine for country to use short cuts like this ,look at most football teams around middle east many have african orgin players isnt making fun of their poverty?Then look at Trnindad and tobago and smiling faces they had and we realise that money cant always buy success and reinforces belief that Sports is Pure and Real.


  • At 7:15 AM, Blogger Hiren said…

    Interesting. One wonders when India with its huge population shall produce quality footballers and quality fast bowlers in cricket.


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