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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Twenty 20

Twenty-20 is not good for India , and its no surprise that BCCI has decided that is not going to implement it in India .Maybe the reasons for BCCI not plumping for twenty-20 is purely market driven when you can easily market 100 over ODI’s why bother about twenty 20 and lose money by reducing the cash flow there will be less commercial breaks and less exposure time for all the in-stadia Ads now they get Full day’s exposure instead of few hours during twenty 20 , After all lets face it in India cricket is seller’s market not buyers….Also note in UK before the Ashes cricket was at an all time low and it needed to be introduced to new generation hence twenty20 to take attention from David beckham Wayne Rooney or rugby hero Johnny Wilkinson or forever hopeful Tim henman with all “Henmania” and henman hill etc but in India why we need twenty20... Not at all … everyone has his/her opinion on cricket here and cricket is doing just fine .. Thank you
Financial resources is not an issue for BCCI with all latest marketing ploys of leading arm and non leading arm logos for players making the Indian cricket team shirt higher in endorsement value than even clubs Juventus and Real Madrid so why need to generate money from twenty 20
Now let’s ponder over what happens if twenty 20 is played out in India, all these corporate will jump on to the bandwagon and all color will be there cheer girls cartoon characters etc but the most important thing the players….?? The kids will forget to play with straight bat have patience for long innings. Alarmingly in jharkhand from where India’s latest super hero comes from …instead of trying to build on MS dhoni success some coaches are trying to develop sloggers by teaching them baseball i.e. telling kids that in three balls you do need to hit at least one shot over the fence.. What nonsense is that …Dhoni is not a slogger.. Sloggers can’t hook shoiab akthar for six over square leg...
Imagine when twenty 20 is introduced what will happen to Art of leg spin who will want to take up Leg spin where you need to flight the ball and induce the batsman and what about swing and what about the eternal Indian dream of Super quick Indian fast bowler that should be given quite burial if twenty 20 is introduced . Everybody will want to become medium pacer who can ball straight and can tonk the ball …hard … and of course no bouncer’s neither batsman will face bouncers since he will be twenty20 specialist nor bowler will want to bowl it
Even now guys like laxman and kumble despite having the best knock ever and best bowling spell ever by an Indian are hardly given their due place under sun … we are so much obsessed with ODI’s aren’t we
I know perhaps these very arguments would have been put forth by people when ODI cricket began but still lets face it ODI cricket is also game of skills and fitness but twenty 20 is not .. And if you feel that cricket is very long and boring then please don’t watch it … that is not going to happen... is it?? Yesterday as soon as I realized that the second test was heading for draw when India didn’t pick up wickets early I switched channels and watched Marcos Baghdadis unleash winner after winner during Australian open. Cricket has its inherent disadvantages like long playing time but that’s its charm like it or leave it and watch and support other sports which of course we Indians will never do … but please let’s not destroy our future generation of players by making them sloggers

Sunday, January 08, 2006

What is Real Face of Pakistan??

Yes Can any one please answer this question ..people with an open mind not the JNU educated english speaking elite or pretending to be ultra liberal or the RSS/VHP type guys.. just ordinary indians who go to work come home and enjoy life amidst all the trial's and tribulations of typical indian life .. .The main reason of course is the recent IISc attack which sadly killed Certain Prof Puri of IIT delhi .There is personal angle to this My uncle Mr Shshidhar Pandit does Research In solid state metal behaviour there and believe me its not funny to see images on Tv and then enquiring his welfare ...Its one thing to see Baghdad/Tel Aviv being attacked by suicide bomber but this bangalore "NAMMA Bengaluru" where it happened .The same Bengaluru where Young Pakistani girl Noor fathima had come to Dr Devi Shetty's hospital and created lot of goodwll . so which pakistan to believe the one which gave the cricket team very good time in 2004 from where singers like adnan sami the group Jaal come but from where Laskar-e- toiba also comes .. There is a School of thought that says that more people to people contact will ease tension .. since we are same race we eat same food both love cricket appreciate similar kind of films,music ...But then how do we ensure terrorists dont come We hope When they see our society that they will not want to hate us If Mohd Atta and his 19 pals too thought the same way 9/11 would not have happened Since USA is far more open than any other country They did carry the hatred with them
After all Mushraff was man behind Kargil he continues to be there still Mohd Hafeez chief of laskar says he will create three pakistan's in south india too and in Govt school's in pakistan they are taught to hate hindus and jews .Funds continue to be collected in name of jehad in pakistan
I hope the Profits from Ind-pak series collected is used to make pakistan a better team not DONATED to "JAMMAT UL DAWA"or laskar -e- toiba as known to indians
Should we then stop more kids who need treatment from coming over ..i dont think so... .
This has set me Thinking We have gone about trying to rectify One nehruvian mistake That is Socialism.. by opening up the economy by creating competition and allowing market forces to take over and Disinvesting from Public Sector Units .Now has the Time come for us to correct the Nehruvian BLUNDER i.e Kashmir should we Disinvest from Kashmir and agree that Nehru made a blunder so that even our Army particulary the Rastriya Rifles that faces allegations of human rights abuse yada yada etc etc blah blah blah will then be allowed to live in peace After all every year we spend so much of money on Defence and more on subsidies to Kashmiri people which can be used For Madam Sonia gandhi's "BHARATH NAVA NIRMAN" .. After all I know quite few Kashmiri classmates in College who liked all things India offered them right from the engineering degree to good jobs to little things like cheap mobile phones and multiplexes but always said that they would one day like to see Kashmiri Homeland...I dont know Whats the solution ...Will pakistan give up Its India Obession ....If Kashmir Is Disinvested will Pakistan be happy ...or do they carry a HATRED for india that transcends Kashmir upto kanyakumari The least i think is to stop having Abnormal relatinship with Pakistan Now currently its yo-yo time with Pakistan IISc and delhi market attack nothwithstanding .......
Has Pakistan realised That whatever it does India will not respond ... Hope thats not the case