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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dignity of labour

First there was a shrill but now it has got more apparent such that it has attracted comments in the press .I am talking about the quality of linespersons in WTA Bangalore open and I think I know the reason for it. I am not going take names here but an acquaintance I know, a lovely person no doubt, with very good intentions I must say, To add his bit to make the tournament a success went around asking for persons who would volunteer to be linesperson's and of course it was selection based you had to get selected rather qualify and pass the test and get remuneration for week’s job but I guess commitment and dignity of labour is something that’s not natural to us .For quite of few weeks before the tournament everyone thought it was as easy job just shout out and raise your arms when ball crosses the tramlines in singles and out of court in doubles then many failed in test realizing that you needed to be on the job for long time (an hour in match conditions)crouching and then standing up and doing it over and over again and many realized its not job you wanted to do .Then those who were left have now began to falter and this tournament unlike Grand Slams or other Hi Fi tournaments I guess cant employ professional’s due to lack of funds perhaps I hope they now realize that people remember the mistakes only much like Umpiring in cricket or any other sport for that matter as it looks glaring they might say that its couple of poor calls per match but in this level of tennis that quite bad... i suppose everyone needs to realize the importance of dignity of labour being linesman can lead you to go up later in value chain if you are good enough to travel abroad etc... but that aside if you take up a job you need to show commitment towards it…..only when everyone plays their part to perfection does the final act come good and after all your country's reputation is at stake