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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Plz Mind Some cash For Tennis Sir

During Lunch break of Final ODI the Chief of Hutch India was talking to Arun lal on how happy he was to be associated with cricket ,cricket is religion etc etc , well i know i am sounding rude here and its free market economy anybody can sponsor anything , but how about some cash for tennis or bangalore open then perhaps the linesman would have been more committed to do better job (thats no excuse for the continued poor performance) the extra cash would have had some more clean water for support staff etc etc , and i know i am getting unpopular but It was PCB that made the buck out of hutch ..... not much revenue will come to BCCI from this series atleast, to develop cricket at the grassroot in india, so that indian cricket develops so indian company funded the whole show which of course thankfully was won by indian team (after karachi test performace welcome relief) didnt Mr CEO Hutch think on my lines i dont think he did ... and mind you Tennis is somewhat Up market sport ... and even here mobile company will care not for it then imagine lets say Kabbadi's fate wonder every cricket board from australia to zimbabwe or bangladesh wants to host india coz there even in england or austrlia corporates cant put all eggs in one basket i.e cricket there is only one sport in india whether you like it or not and its quite sad ...


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