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Friday, February 17, 2006

traffic jam's

Traffic jams's are most common in bangalore more than perhaps more than any where in India yet today is was because of other reasons apart from usual reasons with two events one the Art of Living holding a convention in jakur so all roads leading in direction of bellary road got jammed ... and in shivajinagar there was massive protest against Denmark, yeah in shivajinagar so much so that bus stand was evacuated ohh god in god's name today bangalore traffic went crazy only inside the cubbon park area finally it was a differerent world as usual the park was quite calm and quite a few couples trying to perhaps catch up some lost time ..... and of course inside tennis centre woman hitting tennis balls with lots of power ... and some music being played outside in the carnival . God what do we do with this traffic ....


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Nagesh said…

    There is no point in cursing Banglaore. Bangalorian should push hard and create awareness for a mass rapid transport system. Thats the only solution. Some politicians like Deve Gowda are against it and these guys should be taught a lesson by shunning them in the next election.
    In fact due to his callous attitude Bangalore lost a 10bn worth of investment to Hydrabad.

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  • At 5:38 AM, Blogger Adhiraj Joglekar said…

    Almost 10% of the global road traffic accidents occur in India. Much of the world wide web is full of sarcasm & mocking of the indisciplined driving on Indian roads. Unfortunately in since 60 years since independence the authorities have failed to publish a National Highway code. Licences are given to anyone who can demonstrate an ability to use the clutch-accelerator, consequently the motoer driving schools teach just that and no more. Concepts such as - blindspots, principle of MSM, the tyre & tarmac rule, 2 second gap and most improtantly giving way are not known to the average Indian driver.

    This site has been created with the purpose of providing driver education and training to all Indian road users. It is by far the most comprehensive website providing training in defensive driving. Learning simple road habits can make our roads safe and also free up congestion caused by traffic chaos.

    At present 17 driver education videos aimed at changing the driving culture on Indian roads are available. The video are unique in that the footage is real life action from streets of London. We have copied the Western habits: Replaced the dhoti with denim, high rise buildings for Indian cottages, burgers and coke instead of Indian breads and perhaps sugarcane juice. Surely we can copy the Western ways of travelling too.

    To watch the videos, interested readers may visit:

    The videos cover the following topics:

    Video 1: Covers the concept of Blind spots
    Video 2: Introduces the principle of Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre
    Video 3: At red lights, stop behind the stop line
    Video 4: At red lights there are no free left turns
    Video 5: The Zebra belongs to pedestrians
    Video 6: Tyres and Tarmac (rather than bumper to bumper)
    Video 7: Merging with the Main road
    Video 8: Leaving The Main Road
    Video 9: Never Cut Corners
    Video 10: Show Courtesy on roads
    Video 11: 5 Rules that help deal with Roundabouts
    Video 12: Speed limits, stopping distances, tailgating & 2 seconds rule
    Video 13: Lane discipline and overtaking
    Video 14: Low beam or high beam?
    Video 15: Parallel (reverse parking) made easy
    Video 16: Give the cyclist the respect of a car
    Video 17: Dealing with in-car condensation

    Many thanks


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